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Certified Agile Coaching Expert

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Certified Agile Coaching Expert

Where: The Leela, Gurugram When: 30-Mar-2019 - 31-Mar-2019

Included Certificate: Certified Agile Coaching Expert , SEUs: 16 , PDUs: 16

Certified Agile Coaching Expert (CACE) focuses primarily on the mindset, roles and responsibilities of an agile coach as - facilitator, trainer and mentor, while also providing tools and techniques for effectively designing ceremonies and workshops that both engage audience and deliver consensual outcomes like safe environment for meaningful collaboration, healthy conflict resolution etc. This certification will help coach in fostering collaboration and enabling self-organizing teams. In addition, coaches will build their role based toolkits relevant to their organisational context.

Learning Outcomes & Topics Covered:

  1. Mindset building for Agile Coach
    1. Self Assessment for being Coach
    2. Defining path based on self assessment
  2. Defining roles and responsibilities (and differences between all roles) for Agile Coach:
    1. As SM / Facilitator
    2. As Coach
      1. To Team
      2. To SM
      3. To PO
      4. To Other Stakeholders
      5. To Org
    3. As Trainer
    4. As Mentor
  3. Facilitations for effective ceremonies
    1. Backlog Generation
    2. Backlog Grooming
    3. Planning
    4. Review
    5. Retrospective
    6. Stand-up
    7. Roadmap creation
    8. Innovation
  4. Agile Coach facilitation toolkit
    1. For SM
    2. For PO
    3. For CoP
    4. For Innovation & Games
    5. Matrics & Reports
  5. Create your own trainings and workshops
  6. Virtual facilitation and Distributed Agile Coaching
  7. Art of Conflict resolution, staying Neutral and creating Safe collaborative Space
  8. Installing self-management and team-decisiveness
  9. Gamification in Coaching and establishing Agile Practices

Who should attend:

  1. Agile team leaders or aspiring team leaders with a passion for servant leadership and a desire to learn and practice the art of facilitation in the context of team facilitation and coaching.
  2. New / Mature / Aspining Agile Coaches
  3. SMs / POs / Agile Project Managers / Business Analysts with a passion for servant leadership and desire to learn and practice outcome oriented Coaching practices

What Attendees Get:

  1. Printed Course Material
  2. Practice Handbook
  3. Certificate of completion of CACE
  4. Free 1 year membership to AgileVirgin Membership
  5. No renewal is required


  1. CSM or PSM certified. Anything beyond is better.
  2. You must have played SM or PO role for 2 years
  3. Alternately you must have been an Agile Leader like Manager to Agile Team, working with Agile Transformation Coaches etc.

Deepti Jain and Namrata Chopra Datta