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Product Discovery and Validation

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Product Discovery and Validation

Price: 5000 + GST Price: 0
No Of Days / Sessions: 1
Start Time: 09:00 AM End Time: 05:00 PM
From: 2 February 2020 To: 2 February 2020
Training Type: In Person
Minimum Participants: 5 Maximum Participants: 12

This workshop is focussed on learning the difference techniques to engage with business stakeholders during product discovery phase, how to come up with the scope of product MVP and how to validate your product.

Pre Requisites:

- Participants should have some background of working with/ as part of product management teams

Learing Goal:

Learning how to engage with stakeholders during product discovery and MVP scope definition and how to do product validation

Topics Covered:

- What is product discovery and who all should be in involved during product discovery?

- Techniques to do effective product discovery sessions

- How to scope MVP

- What metrics should be used to validate your product market and performance.

Key Takeaways:

Will be more aware about

- how to plan the product discovery phase

- who all to involve during product discovery phase

Approach to scope MVP

Approach to define product validation metrics



Target Audience:

People who are working as part of product management teams or aspiring product owners. Also, anyone who wants to start their own product  will be benefitted by this workshop.

Structure Of Workshop:

- Introduction - Discussion - Activity - Lunch - Discussion - Activity

About the Trainer:

Payal is a seasoned product development consultant who has been working in the industry for almost 11+ years now.

She has done multiple trainings for SM and PO role for cutomers as well as internally within her organisation.

She is currently working with a startup called Okaygo. She is an enthusiastic person who loves interacting with people of varied interests and mindsets. She has done multiple trainings for SM and PO role  within her organisation.


Payal Gupta

Product Manager, OkayGo

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