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Holacracy® Taster Workshop

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Holacracy® Taster Workshop

Price: 8850 + GST Price for Unconf Participants: 8850 + GST
No Of Days / Sessions: 1
Start Time: 10:00 AM End Time: 05:00 AM
From: 1 November 2019 To: 1 November 2019
Training Type: In Person
Minimum Participants: 8 Maximum Participants: 25

This workshop introduces Holacracy: a real-world tested framework for structuring, governing, and running a purpose-driven, agile company.

Instead of operating top-down, power is distributed throughout the organization, giving individuals and teams more freedom to self-manage, while staying aligned to the organization’s purpose.

Used by 1000+ organizations worldwide including Zappos, Precision Nutrition & David Allen Company.

The purpose of this workshop is to give you a taste of what working the Holacracy way is like. It provides you with a view why Holacracy is a fully functioning alternative to the management hierarchy.

Pre Requisites:


Learing Goal:

This 1 day workshop includes a simulation (in which you participate) of both a Holacracy style Tactical as well as a Governance meeting to give you a first-hand experience on how to structure, govern, and run an organization.

Topics Covered:

1. Lightning Quick & Action Oriented Tactical Meeting

Experience Holacracy’s lightning-quick, action-focused Tactical Meetings


2. How to Empower a Team With Distributed Authority

Explore Holacracy’s distributed authority structure, and learn how it scales across organizations small and large


3. A Transformative Governance Process

The Process used to create creates crystal clear roles and accountabilities even while dynamically evolving as-needed

Key Takeaways:

An understanding and experience of the key shifts needed to run an Agile organization:

  • Instead of power held by people, it's held by roles

  • Instead of static job descriptions, you have dynamic roles

  • Instead of large scale re-orgs, the organization evolves from tension-driven iteration

  • Instead of alignment by politics, create alignment using the governance process

Target Audience:

Any person who leads a team in their organization. It could be a business owner, entrepreneur or a manager who wants:


* To maximize their team's engagement at work

* Their team members to have a greater feeling of ownership in the work

* Speed in work & decision making

Material Link:

About the Trainer:

This workshop will be facilitated by Arif & Ali Vakil, co-founders of Calm Achiever

They're the only certified partners of Getting Things Done (GTD) and Holacracy in India. Through GTD workshops & coaching, they help leaders achieve stress-free productivity. With Holacracy they enable organizations to become more agile in today's fast pace world.

Till date, they've trained over 2000+ individuals from some of the top companies in India including Google, Deloitte, Barclays, Embassy Group & FutureGenerali. To know more about how you cand your team can achieve stress-free productivity visit



Mohammed Ali Vakil

Founder, Calm Achiever

Registrations Closed