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Agile Care Takers Crest: Integral Change Agents Lab 1.0

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Agile Care Takers Crest: Integral Change Agents Lab 1.0

Price: 7000 + GST Price: 0
No Of Days / Sessions: 1
Start Time: 09:30 AM End Time: 05:00 PM
From: 9 February 2020 To: 9 February 2020
Training Type: In Person
Minimum Participants: 5 Maximum Participants: 20

While working with corporates and organizations, I was intrigued by energies that I sensed from certain work environments and how it in-turn, it helped me be in harmony with myself.  While I kept looking for a "secret ingredient" that makes this possible, it dawned on me that, what aligns individuals to their own state of bliss and heightens their sense of contribution, radiates outwards.  As a “Change Agent” in various workplaces, I constatnly witness and experience the quote: “The success of an intervention depends on the internal condition of the intervenor”, coming to life as “THAT” secret ingredient. The quality of that inner space, symbolizing alignment with inner harmony and authentic actions taken from that inner space is the first and essential step towards supporting great teams, outstanding leaders and meaningful organizations, to be their best.

This is when ‘Agile Care Takers Crest’ and ‘Integral Change Agents Lab 1.0’ were curated.


Pre Requisites:

  • Ability to be Present and stay Curious
  • Openness 
  • Participants will have to complete some pre-work before coming to tthe workshop

Learing Goal:

  • Find Yourself on the path of self-awareness, discover what "knowing yourself better" means
  •  Discover "Your Ways of Working" & your natural talents
  • How do you SHOW UP and perceive yourself? How do you perceive others?
  • Learn tools that will allow eureka moments for self-realization of blindsides & patterns to emerge

Key Takeaways:

  • Take steps in the direction of “Change Starts with Self”
  • Develop ways to “show up” as an effective authentic and integral change agent
  • Develop an understanding for qualities and competencies of change agents
  • Understand and appreciate difference between technical challenges and adaptive challenge


Target Audience:

This one day workshop is for “Agile Care Takers” (agile coaches, scrum masters, people facing roles: leaders, managers, product owners, business analysts,  change agents in general) who are willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly, playing the role of a change agent. 

This offering is for you if you are a change agent who may be:

  • Eager to see the light of break-throughs instead of breakdowns
  • Tired of hitting a wall due to methods and approaches that are not working
  • Frustrated due to resistance and conflict faced in organizations

Structure Of Workshop:

The workshop is activity & experience based as well as interactive. It will introduce a few practices, tools and methods for self-reflection and awareness

Prachi Saraph

Independent Consultant

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