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2-day Advanced Agendashift: Coaching & leading continuous transformation

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2-day Advanced Agendashift: Coaching & leading continuous transformation

Price: 29000 + GST Price for Unconf Participants: 23000 + GST
No Of Days / Sessions: 2
Start Time: 09:30 AM End Time: 05:00 PM
From: 2 March 2020 To: 3 March 2020
Training Type: In Person
Minimum Participants: 6 Maximum Participants: 24

Leading change in the 21st century? You need a 21st century engagement model:

  • Based not on the imposition of prescribed solutions but around authentic agreement on outcomes
  • Not linear and plan-based, but emergent, humane, and complexity-conscious
  • Not just one-off projects, but the beginning of new conversations and new kinds of conversation
  • Not proprietary, but open and framework-agnostic – built by and for a welcoming community of experienced practitioners working at the intersection of Lean, Agile, organisation development (OD), and strategy deployment

The Advanced workshop ‘Coaching and leading continuous transformation’ is the Agendashift engagement model compressed into a highly immersive 2-day workshop. It is aimed at coaches, consultants, and managers wishing to:

  • Develop their coaching and leadership skills in the areas of enquiry, facilitation, strategy deployment, and change leadership
  • Broaden and deepen their appreciation of the Lean-Agile landscape and related bodies of knowledge and their strategic application to organisational development

Pre Requisites:

The advanced workshop is aimed at all agents and leaders of organisational change – whether internal or external, specialist practitioner or sponsor. Whilst the majority of attendees have been coaches and consultants, a significant number have held managerial and business leadership roles.

This workshop is offered both publicly and privately. Public workshops are focussed primarily on skills. You will however have ample opportunity to put them into your organisational context and demonstrate Agendashift’s ability to meet organisational needs in ways such as these:

  • Launching, refocusing, or reenergising continuous transformation in your organisation
  • Enhancing your organisation’s internal coaching and change management capability
  • Embedding outcome-orientation and continuous transformation through leadership development

Learing Goal:

  • Practice in a range of outcome-oriented facilitation techniques
  • Recognition of the role of outcome orientation in the modern organisation
  • Understanding of the integration of techniques and concepts from Lean-Agile, Kanban, Clean Language, Cynefin, Lean Startup, and A3
  • Awareness of the power of feedback loops in organisational behaviour and evolution

Topics Covered:

Day 1: Learning the language of outcomes

1. Discovery: Describing where we'd like to get to

Exploring organisational context, objectives, obstacles, and outcomes using these Core exercises Celebration-5W, True North / Obstacles, Plan on a Page. Additional material/exercises to cover culture, values, and systems thinking.

2. Exploration: Prospecting for opportunities

The opportunity to practice skills acquired in Discovery, using for raw material an analysis of the Agendashift delivery assessment (an online survey distributed in advance as prework).

Day 2: Organising for impact

3. Mapping: Building a visual transformation plan

The output of Exploration fed through a “string” of complementary mapping exercises: Option approach mapping, Option visibility mapping, and Pathway mapping

Additional material/exercises may cover complexity theory and application, other mapping and strategy tools, and strategy model reconciliations.

4. Elaboration: Framing actions, testing our thinking 
and 5. Operation: Change as real work:

The culture, practice, and organisation of hypothesis-based change, with Changeban and A3.

Key Takeaways:

Modern organisations need modern approaches to change and transformation, based not on imposition but on participation. Agendashift provides a needs-based, outcome-oriented, continuous, and open model for engagement. Experience it here!

Target Audience:

Practitioners and leaders (see prerequisites above)

About the Trainer:

Agendashift’s founder Mike Burrows is the author of Right to Left: the digital leader's guide to Lean and Agile (2019), Agendashift: Outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation (2018), and Kanban from the Inside (2014). Mike is recognised for his pioneering work in Lean, Agile, and Kanban and for his advocacy for participatory and outcome-oriented approaches to change, transformation, and strategy. Prior to his consulting career, he was global development manager and Executive Director at a top tier investment bank, and CTO for an energy risk management startup. Mike is also an advisory board member at the Open Leadership Network, which acts as the certifying body for some of Agendashift’s training offerings.

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Mike Burrows

Founder, Agendashift

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