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Proposal by Alex Yakyma

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Addressing the Certainty Bias – a Key Impediment to Organizational Agility

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Track: The Psyche Timebox: 1

Agile practices are widely spread these days, yet most of the enterprises are unable to benefit from them as their way of thinking remains subordinated to the Certainty Bias that is deeply ingrained in organizational routines and culture. It is due to the certainty bias that organizations continue to define long-term detailed expectations for team structure, scope, architecture, implementation strategy and so forth. Moreover, due to common structural flaws, enterprises forfeit their ability to learn from mistakes and only reinforce false beliefs. In his talk, Alex Yakyma will discuss organizational anti-patterns that lead to the certainty bias, as well as ways to address them and shift towards a Lean-Agile mindset. The following topics will be covered: • The anatomy of the certainty bias and organizational factors that reinforce it • Managing assumptions and assumption chains • Instilling an outcome-oriented thinking • Rewiring the information flows • Creating room for emergent behavior • The impact on organizational structure, planning, metrics/KPIs and leadership behavior Finally, Alex will touch on questions of sustainability of newly established behaviors that support Lean and Agile thinking at different levels of the organization. The topic is critical to transformation agents, organizational leaders, coaches and facilitators.

Key Takeaways:

As a result of the session, the participants will learn to: • Recognize manifestations of the certainty bias in their organization • Identify the key influencing factors that reinforce the certainty bias • Systemically approach t

Alex Yakyma