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Proposal by Krishnakumar Chinnappachari

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Why is Scrum is hard to implement: New perspectives and remedies from an Agile practitioner

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Track: The Psyche Timebox: 1

As we know Scrum is a flavor of agile and agility requires change of mindset. And Change is hard. In this experience talk, the agile practitioner will provide new insights about mindset, change, Scrum theory and values that makes Scrum framework implementation a daunting challenge. He will explain the concepts of traditional project management and how they are related to Scrum framework. His insights are based on his 3 transformation journeys in organizations such as Philips, Tesco, and Sabre. And how they are different in each of these organizations specific to their context or culture. He will discuss about the possible remedies to address these challenges.

Key Takeaways:

1. They will understand the fundamental pre requisite for agility, i.e., mindset and change 2. Why these are important and how to embrace them? 3. How these are related to Scrum framework? 4. Which aspects or practices in Scrum are easy to impleme

Krishnakumar Chinnappachari