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Proposal by Khaarthigha Subramanian

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Agility in Project Plans: "Planning Effectively means ability to change plans and changing them"

Session Type: Case Study Track: The Psyche Timebox: 1.5

"We should stick to the plan" - We hear this all the time especially when it comes to Inception, Delivery and in consulting services for any industry. Here the whole question is sticking to "which" plan and here comes the Agility involved in planning that Agile Project Managers forget. From my experience of Consulting for many IT Organizations: What happens is: Project Managers are ensuring the team is organized and project executed with Agile practices. But planning and customer engagement , services are not agile. So, in my session, I am going to pick a case study and narrate on the significance of "Agile planning" - Planning - Agility required in Project planning & delivery - If changing plans is required, why is it crucial? - How to accomodate the changes (from both customer and scope) in plan - While plan is changing, so does our risks, assumptions changes - How to evaluate these & Mitigate

Key Takeaways:

Take aways: - Essential element for Project success: Plans are not set on stones - Agile practices is not only important, so does Agile plans - How to embrace agility in project plans

Khaarthigha Subramanian