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Proposal by Prashant Shinde

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Personal Agility - Agile Everywhere

Session Type: Experience Talk Track: The Psyche

I have presented this talk at Discuss Agile Conf 2017 in Bangalore - It is a success story of my own where in I applied lot of different values, lernings, principles like Agile, Design Thinking, Lean startup, Kaizen etc to make sure I improve everyday as a person, as a trainer, as a coach, as a nice human being with whom people want to get connected & be in touch with. I hope this talk will inspire others in the community to be agile vs doing agile.

What is Personal Agility? My College Life My 1st Job My Passion - My Own Career Path Trainer-Coach-Consultant Agile in Personal Life Beyond Tools & Buzzwords Simplifying Agile

Key Takeaways:

Agile is beyond using tools like Scrum, Kanban, XP etc. It is everywhere & can be used in personal life as well.

Prashant Shinde