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Proposal by Sanjay Kumar

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The Power of Kanban Metrics

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Track: The Psyche Timebox: 1

IT industry is slowly realizing that Kanban can be used for dev projects too, and most teams report improved rhythm in the flow of work within a short span of 1 to 3 months. The challenge they face is complacency or inertia. After the initial gain, they fail to take it to the next level. While Kanban has powerful metrics to fuel the continuous improvement (kaizen) cycle, most teams (and even expert agile coaches) are not well versed with them. In this session, we will explore the following Kanban metrics that can help you evolve your Kanban implementation continuously: - Cumulative Flow DIagram (CFD) - Control chart or Run chart - Lead time distribution - Throughput chart

Key Takeaways:

- Learn what are different Kanban metrics - Learn how to interpret Kanban metrics - Learn how to continuously improve a Kanban implementation

Sanjay Kumar