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Proposal by Leena S N

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Merge Hells!! Feature Toggles to the rescue.

Session Type: Case Study Track: Select Track Timebox: 1

Have you ever wondered how Amazon does deployments in every 11 seconds? Have you ever wondered how frequently Google Chrome updates? Compare that with an enterprise product you are using or the banking application that you use, it takes weeks or even months for an update. The assumption is that frequent releases are possible for Googles or Amazons or Unicorns, not for others. This talk is about why that assumption is wrong. It can be done anywhere, with enough focus and investment for the Continuous Delivery pipeline to make sure that every commit is releasable.

Key Takeaways:

Feature Toggle is one of the essential practices for Continuous Delivery, but not enough has spoken about the same. This session is to give an intro about Mainline Development and Feature Toggles [also known as Feature switches, Feature Flips] and ex

Leena S N