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Proposal by Yajnaseni Mondal

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5 Agile techniques that are going to change your life from now

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Track: The Psyche Timebox: 1

Agile is more of a mind set and is not limited to scrum or kanban or for that matter any other tool. While coaching different agile teams I have seen many doubts popping up regarding the concept of agility. However, the one that is always common is -“Agile concepts, techniques and rules look good on books, but following those is not really possible in real life”. Through my talk, I am going to bridge this conceptual gap by helping people understand how, following certain agile habits/techniques can make incredible positive impact to our lives, instantly.

Key Takeaways:

1. Food for thought - Which are all the techniques the audience can apply immediately and for which problem areas. 2. Some great stories which will keep them motivated to nurture personal agility in order to solve bigger problems.

Yajnaseni Mondal