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Proposal by Anand Murthy Raj

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Leading Agile Organizations in the VUCA world

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Track: The Psyche Timebox: 1

If you think off one distributed Agile organization in this country that has consistently delivered at every challenge thrown at them,it is probably only one,, and that is the Indian armed forces AN organization that has 14 lakh people delivering business agility at any challenge. They deal with multiple issues like external aggression, internal security, floods in Chennai, landslides in Uttarkand and child going into a borewell . They are always ready and motivated. What principles we can apply in corporate world and what can we learn from the Indian armed forces that we can apply in Corporate. What lessons ca be learnt to build the real agile organizations

Key Takeaways:

Set of 12 commandments that we can apply in our Corporate world Some important mindset changes required to lead AgGile organizations Some case studies of application of these case studies that has resulted in great lessons in the army. My challe

Anand Murthy Raj