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Proposal by Silvana Wasitova

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What is Agile Coaching? How to get started? How to continue

Session Type: Workshop Track: The Psyche Timebox: 2.5

From Scrum we know that the ScrumMaster is also the team’s Scrum Coach. Aside from teaching the Team Members and Stakeholders about Scrum, what else could s/he be doing? What does it mean to be a Scrum or Agile Coach? What skills should they have? What should they do or not do? In this workshop we will explore the above foundational questions, explore what the coaching skills are, what they mean, and also practice these coaching skills.

Key Takeaways:

This session is for those who wish to better understand what Agile Coaching is, what it entails. Participants will also get a chance to practice and improve their approach to coaching.

Silvana Wasitova