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Proposal by Naveen Kumar Singh

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ScrumOps - a right blend of Scrum and DevOps

Session Type: Workshop Track: The Geekery Timebox: 2.5

Let's learn how to improve profession of Software Delivery by practicing DevOps within Scrum Framework. DevOps talks about People, Processes, Practices and Tools. Will explore what all needed from people within Scrum Process Framework and DevOps practices. Will explore complete software development lifecycle based on Scrum and DevOps by touching tools related to CI/CD, Configuration Management, Continuous Deployment, Release Management and Monitoring. Will get deeper in system thinking, amplifying feedback loop and continuous improvement while moving from idea to cash cycle.

Key Takeaways:

What is DevOps Why Scrum Process Framework is suitable for DevOps How to adopt DevOps culture within Scrum Understanding about DevOps practices Exploring some the tools for CI/CD, Deployment and Releases

Naveen Kumar Singh