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Proposal by Sumit Jolly

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Azure Functions - Age of serverless computing

Session Type: Workshop Track: The Geekery Timebox: 1.5

Going serverless Azure Functions are a way to process events without worrying about where you run it. As a developer I am not worried about managing infrastructure which includes virtual servers, web servers etc. Serverless is a new buzzword for my rescue. What drives serverless? The push behind serverless is event-driven tide and wide usage of FaaS (functions as a service). Applications are divided into pieces and each service is focussing on specific work. Principle The thumb rule is, as a developer you don’t have to maintain the server. Then, who is maintaining it? Where is it running? But this doesn’t matter any longer. Demos Lets see the ball rolling via live code.

Key Takeaways:

Audience will go through the journey of “serverless” computing. The talk will walk them through various aspects and advantages of serverless computing. The demos will be conducted on Azure Functions platform demoing real life examples.

Sumit Jolly