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Proposal by Vishwanath Venugopalakrishnan

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TDD and Containerization with Docker

Session Type: Workshop Track: The Geekery Timebox: 2.5

This workshop combines the principles of Test-Driven Development and Containerization. Test-Driven Development is a well-known process used by Software Developers for writing code with a focus on minimizing waste. When followed properly, the principles of TDD help development teams achieve a clear focus on the software’s acceptance criteria, with the tests themselves representing ‘living documentation’ on the software’s functionality. On the other hand, containerization is a key practice of DevOps automation that has gained a lot of traction recently, with Docker leading the pack in terms of container technologies. Utilized properly, containerization can help package your application into a lean, immutable artifact that runs exactly the same regardless of Developer Machine, Test Environment or Production Cluster. Given that Containerization as well as Test-Driven Development help achieve Lean practices, it follows that TDD can be effectively used to drive the design, development and validation of Dockerized applications. By utilizing TDD principles, we can create highly efficient application images that are validated before being deployed. This workshop overviews the principles of Test-Driven Development. Participants will also receive a quick recap of Containerization with Docker. During the hands-on portion of the workshop, participants will then Dockerize a web application using principles of Test-Driven Development. Plan * 1 hour - Principles Overview * 1 hour - Hands-on * 30 min - Q and A, Troubleshooting Note: Participants are expected to have basic hands-on experience with Docker.

Key Takeaways:

Participants will walk away with 1. An understanding of TDD 2. An understanding of how TDD can benefit containerization 3. Hands-on experience with creating validated Docker images for a web application.

Vishwanath Venugopalakrishnan