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Proposal by Vishwanath Venugopalakrishnan

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TDD and Infrastructure-as-Code

Session Type: Workshop Track: The Geekery Timebox: 2.5

This workshop combines the principles of Test-Driven Development and DevOps. Test-Driven Development is a well-known process used by Software Developers for writing code with a focus on minimizing waste. When followed properly, the principles of TDD help development teams achieve a clear focus on the software’s acceptance criteria, with the tests themselves representing ‘living documentation’ on the software’s functionality. On the other hand, several practices of the DevOps philosophy - chiefly, Infrastructure as Code - focus on utilizing software development methodologies for Infrastructure Development. Utilized properly, IaC can help minimize configuration drift in infrastructure, aid in Disaster Recovery and achieve versioned, tested, immutable infrastructure. It follows, therefore, that Test-Driven Development can be effectively used to drive the design and development of infrastructure. By utilizing TDD principles, we can create testable, tested infrastructure that contributes to realizing the principles of Infrastructure as Code. In this workshop, we will overview the principles of Infrastructure as Code and Test-Driven Development, along with some industry use-cases where this is applied. Participants will then participate in hands-on development of DevOps Infrastructure using Test-Driven Development. Plan - 1 hour: Principles Overview - 1 hour: Hands-on - 30 min: Q and A, Troubleshooting

Key Takeaways:

Participants will take home the following outcomes: - An overview of Test Driven Development - An overview of Infrastructure-as-Code - The experience of building DevOps infrastructure using TDD principles

Vishwanath Venugopalakrishnan