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Proposal by Umesh Mangroliya

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Making better decisions in teams using consent-based decision making

Session Type: Workshop Timebox: 60

We take decisions at the workplace to run our day to day operations and make things better. Usually, decision making process is the thing that determines how well decision would be implemented and affects an organization’s culture. Consent is important while we are working in a group/team. Because we are “inter connected”. Your doing affects me and my doings affect you. In consent based decision making, “objections from team member” are seen as a “gifts”. It helps groups see ‘blind spots’ which we would have otherwise missed. Consent based decision making is about coming closer to reality (filling each other’s blind spot) and making better (not best) decisions together.. In sociocratic structure, consent means “no objection” from anyone concerned, and this helps the team move fast as a unit and as a result of the process everyone feels involved, engaged and inspired to get things done! In this session, participants will experience how they can start using sociocractic principle of consent decision making immediately in their organization and how it is a better way of making decisions.

Key Takeaways:

-Consent based decision making principles and processes which they can start using immediately in their respective organization -Experience of making better decisions in team -Feeling of “thinking and working” as a single mind in a team! -Resources to support their experimentation -A lot of curiosity about this methodology -Smile on their face

Umesh Mangroliya