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Proposal by Vinay Krishna

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Practical approach to Refactoring

Session Type: Workshop Timebox: 45

Working with a legacy code is always a challenge for all of us as it's more messy and so frustrating, boring, risky, and time-consuming. There is always a risk in this case that every new change will introduce a new Bugs, and so we often spend more time on endless Testing and Fix cycle. Often, we all face this problem. How do we overcome with this situation? Is there any better way?
In this code-centric mini workshop we'll look at ways to handle it more gracefully by introducing sanity and calmness into the process of maintaining and improving buggy, poorly written, poorly designed code. Very few slides, mostly code. We are going to learn together how to turn any project around and have fun doing it.
We'll be working on an example messy code and learn the steps of making changes to code in tiny steps. We'll learn ways to clean up the most common problems of duplication, messy, and accidental complexity.
We will work in Pair, and maybe Mob Programming to do exercises, we will experiment with many simple techniques that combine together to make a high impact on the quality and cleanliness of our code.

Learn enough about refactoring in baby steps.
Learn how to identify some common code "smells".
Building Safety Net

Vinay Krishna