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Proposal by Padma Satyamurthy

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Effective implementation of agile beyond IT - an HR implementation

Session Type: Workshop Timebox: 90

The workshop is aimed at HR leaders who would like be more agile and nimble in their approach and whose organizations are taking up or planning to take up agile transformation journey. The regular courses available in the market provide good in-depth training on agile techniques for development organization. But there are very few workshops aimed at agile beyond development to areas like HR. However HR plays a vital role in an organization development and taking the transformation forward.
This workshop is aimed at giving a hands on workshop based overview to the HR leaders to develop their own structured backlog with clear action items aligned to your agile journey and outcomes based on your change management strategy. This will be an interactive and practical session where you will explore agile strategy through a case study.

Padma Satyamurthy