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Proposal by Pawel Kaminski

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Practical use of Theory of Constraints - the story about bottlenecks, introducing change and win-win conflicts resolutions

Session Type: Select Session Type Timebox: 90

A perfect introduction to the Theory of Constraints in 3 acts. Three compelling stories that represent crucial aspects of ToC including bottlenecks, introducing change in organisations and resolving conflicts to create win-win solutions. Let us start with ToC premise that at least one constraint limits the achievement of the goal by any system. For the system to improve, the bottleneck has to be identified and exploited. Experience the pressure felt by ToC experts dealing with "largest marine oil spill in the history" and how creatively and orderly they approached that challenge. I want to share their story and my experiences finding bottlenecks, exploiting them and achieving a higher throughput of value in projects. ToC has a fascinating way of looking at introducing change into teams and organisations. Participate in considering some uncomfortable "facts" that we all know and believe about our failures. With the help of Eliyahu Goldratt, we will reconsider why some of our attempts at changing the situation around us failed or deliver limited benefits in comparison to initial promises. We will learn what to do next time we face the same dilemma. Finally, I want to recognise conflicts and ToC way of approaching disagreement resolutions. With the help of the audience, we will build pragmatic Evaporating Cloud to show how to create win-win solutions, forget about compromise and increase understanding between parties. The audience will experience and learn how to stay calm, tips and tricks on how to tackle conflict and how to grow empathy and their conflict solving abilities.

Pawel Kaminski