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Proposal by Preeti Arora

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Adopting Scrum - Do metrics help me?

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Timebox: 40

In this session I will talk about different types of metrics that can be used by a team adopting scrum methodology to track its own progress, productivity in a sprint and during the release - how to correctly interpret such metrics and the key role that scrum masters can play to work with product owners and scrum team members to together achieve the critical go to market goals of major releases while at the same time nurturing lot of team work and positively impacting team's productivity. This session will also touch upon the key underlying mindset shift that needs to occur that scrum metrics are NOT for managers to micro manage and/or measure individual performance. These are essentially team metrics to enable continuous improvement and the focus has to be on understanding trends than putting in non value adding effort to analyse individual data points.

Key Takeaways:

- Estimation techniques used in scrum, various sprint and release level metrics used in scrum for sprint and release health checks and ways to interpret these - Mindset shift needed to correctly interpret metric trends (than individual data points) to enable continuous improvement. Manager takeaway that these metrics are not for appraising individuals - Key role that scrum masters can play to collaborate with product owner and scrum team members for achieving critical go to market goals of major releases

Preeti Arora