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Proposal by Harikrishan Verma

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Unspoken Aspects of Agile

Session Type: Case Study Timebox: 45

The objective of this session is to discuss some of the least-discussed topics and consequences of "broadband agilization" that currently take place in the industry. These topics (peer pressure, agile leadership, numbers/metrics etc.) impacts individual as well as the organization as we transform. The goal is to make an individual come out of his/her comfort zone and think about issues that are often omitted from "happy path" Agile themes. The goal is neither to suggest any conclusiveness on the subject matter nor to steer the reader toward any particular actions.

Key Takeaways:

After the session/discussion, each individual should be able to develop his/her own objective perception on a situation, his/her own independent view and perspective.

Harikrishan Verma