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Proposal by Leena S N

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Refactoring Workshop

Session Type: Workshop Timebox: 150

Take small steps, and the continuous small steps give huge results. This is the significant learning for me from Refactoring. The small steps make refactoring safe. This workshop concentrates on how to apply refactoring techniques to an existing codebase. The focus area will be on how to: - Add tests (unit tests) - Apply Boys Scout Rule, improving the naming and organisation of the code - Apply SOLID principles If time permits, I also plan to cover: - Refactoring workflows that can be applied for refactoring and how to apply the same for daily refactoring - Branch-by-abstraction - a technique for long-running refactoring such as - moving from one library/framework to another

Key Takeaways:

This workshop concentrates on how to apply major refactoring techniques to an existing codebase in small steps.

Leena S N