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Proposal by Rajeev Jain

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What all you should not be doing as Agile Coach (or Scrum master)

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Timebox: 45

We all talk about "Eliminating Waste" and making things "Simple". However, at times as Agile Coaches (or Scrum Master) many times end up doing the tasks/activities not adding value or something which are not expected to do. Things become more challenging when you the only Agile Coach or Scrum Master and others are just following you blindly. This session is more of a refresher session reminding what all you should avoid at ground zero. It will also remind you of your ownership, accountability, and responsibilities. I'll also share some of my examples where team or senior management wanted me to perform activities/tasks (which I was not supposed to) and how I escaped from those. We are there to empower others and create safe environment where teams can play game of Agility.

Key Takeaways:

Participants will get clarity on: - roles and responsibilities of an Agile Coach (or scrum master) - what all they are expected to do - what all they should not be doing at work -how to manage scenarios when team or senior management is expecting you to perform something which is not in your perview

Rajeev Jain