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Proposal by Anil Kumar Emmadi

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Agile Delivery in IT Services world - A Different Feat

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Timebox: 60

Agile delivery adoption has be widely successful in product based projects. IT services have started delivering the large projects in Agile mode. However, the research says teams and customers are under tremendous pressure in delivering in Agile mode due to multiple constraints that are imposed on them like schedule, cost and scope. Some of these constraints are flexible in product companies but not in IT services companies. This session explains you the approach, real world techniques on managing these constraints in IT services while executing agile projects

Key Takeaways:

-Understand key differences delivering agile projects in "product based" and "IT services based" projects - Understand tools and techniques to resolve real world challenges in IT services projects based on experience and research - Understand which agile principles are be tweaked/customized for IT services based projects - How to reduce pressure on customer and teams while managing triple constraints

Anil Kumar Emmadi