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Proposal by Syedur Rahman

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Personal Agility: The Ultimate Challenge

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Timebox: 45

Personal Agility is a simple framework for people who want to do more that matters and have more impact through their actions. Today, almost everybody has more things to do than time to do them. Highly creative people have almost by definition more ideas than time to execute them. In either case, deciding what to do and what not to do is the key to doing things that matter. Personal Agility is designed to enable you to reflect on your goals and intentions at regular intervals so you can ensure that you are doing the right things first and you can stop working when additional work brings no further benefit. We believe Personal Agility can help anybody do more that matters and have more impact. In a business context, Personal Agility can enable managers and their staff to achieve high alignment and transparency about goals, forecasts and milestones achieved. In a personal context, spouses and partners can coach each other to set and achieve objectives together. And as a coach, you can use Personal Agility to enable your clients to identify and work toward their important goals in life and work. “Agile” is a set of values and principles o􀆜en associated with highly effective software development teams, and Scrum is a leading Agile framework. By simplifying processes, you can deliver value in a shorter time period while inspecting and adapting to improve along the way. Personal Agility applies these agile concepts beyond the workplace. Personal Agility helps people identify what matters most in their lives and ensure that their actions align. Personal Agility takes its name because it is based on the same values, principles and patterns as Scrum and Agile software development, but recognizes that organizing your life is a different challenge than creating products as a team.

Key Takeaways:

It takes just as much time to flip a quarter as to flip a penny, but the quarter is more valuable. So where should you invest your time? On the quarters, i.e on the things that bring value to you. Sometimes resting or “chilling” is the right thing to do, and that's OK too. Personal Agility doesn't try to tell you what's important; it just helps you to recognize what's important to you, so you can do the right thing. Personal Agility enables you ask and find answers to the key questions that enable you to make better use of your time. Personal Agility is like a gravitational force – it exerts gentle, attractive guidance that always pulls you back to doing the right thing. After attending my session, all the participants will gather the knowledge how to implement Personal Agility in their day to day life alongside their work.

Syedur Rahman