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Proposal by Vivek Jayaraman

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Change - Leader's Guild

Session Type: Workshop Timebox: 90

If common people could not make the changes they were supposed to, how can we expect leaders from any kind of organisation to change and support the change needed? We need a way to understand what prevents and what enables our very own change. Just like the patients, what today’s leaders and their followers face, is not the problem of “will”. The problem is the inability to close the gap between what we passionately “want” and what we are “able” to do. The common learning problem of people is “How to close this gap?” Every organisation invests huge sum of money every single year, in response to the increasing challenges and opportunities in the market, for improving their people’s capabilities. But, end of the day “Bob is Bob and Rob is Rob”. Science says that people’s ability to learn freezes as they reach adolescence. When people reach the age of 35, they are who they are. Change, why is it so hard? How leaders should bring the change in themselves and for everyone in the Organization, collectively? Let's find out from the short session on Change.

Key Takeaways:

1. What are the challenges with Change? What is our immunity which stops us? 2. How to overcome the immunity to change in Organizations, Teams and Individuals. 3. How to diagnose your own immunity to change?

Vivek Jayaraman