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Proposal by Krishnakumar

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Why is Scrum hard to implement : Fresh pespectives and remedies from an agile practitioner

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Timebox: 45

Scrum being the most popular agile framework, yet it is not fully understood rather not implemented effectively by the Organization, Leaders or the team. In this interactive talk, I am going to discuss on some of the fundamental root causes on why Scrum is hard to implement. It touches the fundamental theory of Cinefin framework about which framework should be used in which context. Additionally, goes to deep dive into empiricism on which the Scrum is built upon. It involves discussion about Halo effect and the way forward. Finally explores the Scrum values and how they are connected with the organization values.

Key Takeaways:

1. Participants will be able to transform their teams or organization by proper implementation of Scrum 2. Participants will be able to start thinking on their personal values, team values, Organization values and relate them to Scrum values and bring the change in their mindsets 3. Participants will understand the "Halo effect" and remedies around it