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Demystifying Agile leadership in today's world

Session Type: Workshop Timebox: 45

In today's disruptive world where everything goes through a constant revolution with multi dimensional forces on the technological, political and geographical front, there are some some successful leaders who are able to easily surf the windy waves. What is that unseen space of leadership that creates the magic of ultra potential, courage with humility and servant leadership, that turns the ship around. Why is the Emotional Quotient also not just enough in the current world of globalization and diversity ? How is the leadership communication different from others ? Know game theory to understand why some games at the corporate are hard to decode ? While I also bust some myths with the realities of what being at the Top really means ? More to come with this Talk ....

Key Takeaways:

1. 9 core true tests of leadership with level 5 leadership attributes 2. The importance of IQ,EQ and SQ and CQ in leading organizations 3. Attributes of innovation organizations and role of leadership 4. Kurt lewin change model, Situational leadership and Quinn's leadership model 5. The power of social collaboration, Sociograms and understanding game theory in teams with brief on Transactional Analysis.