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Proposal by Chetan Arora

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Is your organization really succeeding with agile? Telltale signs of organizations struggling with agility

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Timebox: 30

Over 80% of large and medium sized organizations have at least some teams practicing agile. But are they truly agile and are reaping the benefits of agility? Simple - look around within your organization and teams and pick up signs which provide the answer. But what are those signs? As part of this session, discover telltale signs to lookout for that highlight problems or indicate poor implementations of trying to be agile. Without having to dig deep or invest heavily into organization and team level assessment models, learn how to spot problems quickly at both an organization and team level and decide for yourself.

Key Takeaways:

The audience will be able to understand and lookout for telltale signs of organizations and teams struggling with agility

Chetan Arora