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Proposal by Tawfiq Sattar

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Adaptive Leadership : For Accelerating Business Agility

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Timebox: 30

Now a days , we need to effectively respond to new normal things as the technologies and shared economy are continuously changing this world. So Organisations must be responsive and agile to broaden revenue streams and eco systems. Agility is a business imperative not just a technical one. The agile movement has the potential to be the strategic to business, particularly those whose overall strategy focuses on responsiveness over efficiency. In this circumstances, we need adaptive leadership to drive the agile/lean transformation for the organisations for improving their responsiveness to the flow of opportunities that arrive everyday on their door steps. Adaptive leadership is about learning, adapting, collaboration and disruptive thinking. Adaptive leaders with disruptive thinking can see the same information others do, but they interpret it differently and always looking for big wins.

Key Takeaways:

1. Adaptive Leadership 2. Why Business Agility 3. How Agile do you need to be 4. Levels of Agility 5. Agile Triangle 6. Agile Quality Management 7. Agile Mindset in Organisational Culture

Tawfiq Sattar