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Proposal by Charu Gulhar

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Mindful Agile - How being mindfully agile creates better impact

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Timebox: 30

Agile Mindset is super critical for us to become more agile and create maximum impact. It’s a nebulous, intangible term that describes a value or behavior necessary for the success of Agile methodology, transformation, process, and practices. Hence it is important to understand how we mindfully change our organization’s mindset to support agile transformation. The session will cover the commonalities between being mindful and being agile and how one supports the other. It will provide practical real-life examples of how mindfulness can be blended with agile ceremonies.

Key Takeaways:

The session will provide participants with techniques that can be applied in their teams to modify attitude, transform processes and bring the change by mindfully running agile ceremonies. It makes the leaders question and introspect their choices of becoming an agile organization in the true sense and spirit.

Charu Gulhar