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Proposal by Parveen Kumar

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Agile Implementation at Scale

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Timebox: 45

This session will be sharing learning from agile implementation at large scale – with 100+ sprint teams - with productized organizations. Whilst Agile manifesto and principles provides guidance on starting with Agile journey, but as organizations grows there are many challenges experienced with Agile Implementation at large scale. This sessions summarize such challenges and good practices that can be used to overcome them in dynamic growth environment. Different aspects of Agile implementation such as how to organize/structure the teams/programs, standardizing process, project management practices, SDLC, reporting and metrics will be covered throughout the session

Key Takeaways:

Agile leaders and change agents, looking to implement Agile in large scale and high growth environment will walk away with potential challenges that are experienced whilst implement Agile at scale and good practices that can be used to overcome them

Parveen Kumar