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Proposal by Gauri Mohan

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Organisation Transformation Strategy via Agile & Design Thinking

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Timebox: 45

Agile transformation strategy is a malleable plan to roll out Agile Transformation successfully at all levels in the organisation from senior-mid to employee level. It is both top down and bottom up – it is across the entire organization. Our cultural shift will be successful only when all levels and individuals are open to embracing the change, and willing to be engaged in this transformation. It consist of 5 phases mapping vision, objectives and expected outcomes to Agile , its manifesto, values and principles. Will be sharing best practices that exuberant organisations at all levels can adapt to bring in the desired state. Often we also experience that middle layer has not given the true buy-in and they still want their old ways to work but what can be done inorder to overcome it. Often we start with Agile in a big bang way but it is difficult to scale and sustain it without a right momentum and motivation in employees. Transformation has lot to do with change in mindset and human behaviour which cannot be changed instantly as it is an ocean of thinking patterns, attitudes, beliefs and experiences. Fusion of Agile and Design Thinking has helped organisations evolve transformation to a next level as it covers all areas of an organisation i.e. marketing, finance, sales and of course at employee and consumer level. To bring in any long lasting and impactful change, let’s unleash the transformation strategy to adopt and scale successfully. Come and explore it!

Key Takeaways:

How does Fusion of Design Thinking and Agile boost the transformation What is Design thinking, Discover the Transformation Strategy, phases of Transformation, How to adopt it and scale it, live examples of companies who have transformed. Experienced based Practices to achieve cultural change to make Agile transformation truly impactful, how to embrace it all levels and in all departments in the organisation. Discover it!

Gauri Mohan