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Proposal by Vinaya Muralidharan

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Building Products for the World We Live In

Session Type: Workshop Timebox: 45

Product Owners and others responsible for creating and maintaining the Product Backlog often focus on functional items. With good engagement in the Backlog Management process from the Development Team and Architects, technical and architectural items also find their way into the Product Backlog. But what about the human-centric items related to accessibility, inclusivity, internationalization and sustainability? Through the talk and with the help of several supporting examples and a short exercise, I would like to highlight the importance of addressing these aspects in the Product Backlog. The examples will include examples of good and bad backlog items and design decisions. I will also share some tips on how Product Owners and supporting roles can work these aspects into the Backlog Management process. These will include some ideas from Design Thinking but will not be limited to that.

Key Takeaways:

A more holistic understanding of what goes into a great Product Backlog. Tips of how to include accessibility, inclusivity, internationalization and sustainability the Product Backlog.

Vinaya Muralidharan