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Proposal by Jagbir Singh Lehl

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"People practices" for an Agile Culture

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Timebox: 40

By now we know that "agile" is not about rituals and practices, it has a lot to do with the culture that an organisation builds over a period of time, easier said than done! In this session, we aim to talk about the values and principles that are the cornerstone of an agile organisation and what role the people/talent/HR team can play in fostering a progressive/agile culture. We will be drawing references from ThoughtWorks and possibly elsewhere to drive home the message. I intend to pair with the Sanchita Sharma - People Champion at ThoughtWorks Gurgaon to present this topic.

Key Takeaways:

- They will understand the key values and principles that a progressive agile organisation MUST adopt. - They will hear about how these values and principles can be put into action and what role people/talent/HR teams can play in enabling this. - They will walk away with live examples of where these approaches worked and what pitfalls to watch out for.

Jagbir Singh Lehl