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Proposal by Ashutosh

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How an Agile Coach uses Spiritual Intelligence to bring about Cultural Transformation?

Session Type: Experience/Research Report Timebox: 45

One of the biggest miss we as Change agents and leaders do is to focus only on 2 Quotients of Intelligence (Intelligent and Emotional). However for a complete transformation of our self, teams and enterprise we work with is to focus on the third and the most crucial & overlooked dimension i.e. Spiritual Intelligence/Quotient (SQ). This proposed talk attempts to demystify What Spiritual Intelligence is, Why is it Important and How it is one of the most critical components to enable enterprise wide culture and workplace transformation. This session is based on the work done by industry stalwarts Danah Zohar and Cindy Wigglesworth. However I will be sharing my own experiences gained during my wide range of coaching engagements and how I learnt Spiritual Intelligence the hard way as a change agent & coach

Key Takeaways:

Learn different types of intelligence Applying Spiritual Intelligence in real life projects Why spiritual intelligence works?