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Proposal by N Balaji Ganesh

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Scaling Devops - A journey with commas but no full stops

Session Type: Talk Track: The Psyche

The session will be structured as given below: Introduction to Devops and it’s benefits - 5 mins Common Barriers / Challenges in Scaling Devops - 10 mins Strategies to scale Devops - 5 mins Culture Shift - 10 mins Enhancing Capability - 7 mins Building Resiliency - 7 mins Customer Centricity - 7 mins Outcomes and Way forward - 9 mins Q&A - 15 mins

Even as I write this proposal, there are hundreds of organizations looking to scale Devops across the enterprise. This objective of this talk is to share the valuable lessons imbibed in the last 18 months from scaling Devops across the IT organization. I would be touching upon the following strategies to scale Devops: Culture Shift Enhancing Capabilities Building Resiliency Customer Centricity We now realize that transformation is not about just changing behaviors and attitudes but mor

Key Takeaways:

Key takeaways would be: Why scale Devops Understand the barriers to scale Devops Key Strategies to scale Devops across the organization Benefits and Outcomes that could achieved through Enterprise Devops adoption

N Balaji Ganesh