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With AgilityToday we intend to provide you many things that can help you to be an Agile enabler, a thought leader, who can help him/herself, his/her organization, colleagues, friends, product, end-users and clients. AgilityToday wants to bring that cultural and mindset shift in the region which is missing and on the name of Agile, organizations and Individuals are becoming fragile. And when both the parties - The Organizations and Individuals are ready, we want to connect them via an Agile Job Fair. We are speaking to Organizations and they want to engage with our Agile Enablers but want to assure that we help them with great profiles.

This Agile Career Bootcamp wants to help it’s participants with the following:

  1. Assess your current state of being. Where you are in your Agile career irrespective of your titles as SM, Agile Manager, PO, BA etc.
  2. Create a path to where you want to be in your Career.
  3. What are your strengths and area of improvements.
  4. How can you work on your area of improvements.
  5. Have a dialogue with the industrial experts who have been on these paths, and navigated their path through confusions and doubts.
  6. Know about amazing knowledge sources which are available and you can access to update and upgrade your knowledge as an Agile Enabler and Leader.

Bootcamp Format:

  1. Induction to Career as Agile Enabler.
  2. Discovery Workshop to map your strengths which can be and areas of improvement.
  3. Open House with Industrial Leaders to find out what your recruiters need in your profile.
  4. Major upgrades in your Resume and LinkedIn to convey the right information to recruiters.


  1. 11:00 AM: Registration and Networking over Coffee
  2. 11:30 AM: Discovery Workshop
  3. 01:30 PM: Lunch
  4. 02:30 PM: Power up your profile with relevant information
  5. 03:30 PM: Open House with Industrial experts.

Join us and make your profile relevant and be discovered for the right career.

Seat Booking Price: INR 500

Regular Ticket

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(Exclusive of GST)