With AgilityToday, we wanted to give special attention to Women's need in IT and Software development, and provide them personal and career Agility. Our first step was to identify Men & Women Leaders, who can give a hand to other Women who have so much potential and can be a great help to the mainstream but are stuck somewhere.

And I found not just one but many, and entire show was created and run by them. Here I am trying to capture all of them. It's not just a blog about Women who made AgilityToday possible, but also about what these women intend to do in future.

We made our living room, a near by cafe or some meetup venue after hours as our collaboration point, and for those who were far, we lived with phone calls.

So let's look at what women did in AgilityToday:

  1. Plan and Organise
  2. Prepare Team for various functions
  3. Marketing
  4. Arrange Sponsorship
  5. Created intention and partial agenda
  6. Website
  7. Designed Free Workshops
  8. Hackathon
  9. Workshops
  1. UnConf Sessions
  2. Found Sponsors, Partners and Supporters
  3. Found Speakers who can do justice
  4. Ran complete marketing campaign.
  5. Despite their jobs, kids and other responsibilities, committed and met goals.
  6. Kept each other's back and morale.
  7. Formed Servant Leaders Team.
  8. There we no promised perks, and they still committed to the cause and delivered it.
  9. Paid for their flights & came.

If we reflect on some of the figures from AgilityToday, we have following numbers to note:

  1. 2 out of 9 Gurus were Women.
  2. 10 out of 31 Speakers were Women.
  3. 13 out of 17 Servant Leaders were Women.
  4. And 43.73% Women as participants in the UnConf.

After AgilityToday connected so many women, and inspired so many. And we do not intend to stop here. We plan to run special program under WomenInAgile Annual UnConference for women coaching, mentorship, employment and work-life balance. We will soon announce our leading ladies for this program, and reach out to most of you so that we all can mutually benefit.