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So, what next AgileVirgin?

When you start there is no plan, there is just a dream and a strong desire to make it happen that leads you into a series of random attempts of unplanned actions. But believe me, none of this is waste, if you don't stop, all dots start connecting back and when you look back you realise that all those acts were intentional.

Our started our journey with our meetups: AgileLeanDevOps, Atlassian and now DataScienc+MachineLearning, they didn't let us stray; with them we reached here. Our first destination was AgilityToday, which was very well received by everyone. We are grateful to all them. We understood two things, that we did not know before AgilityToday:

  1. There was too much that we were planning to offer via AgilityToday, but in fact, all that needed to come out separately.
  2. Whatever was left was still needed and people asked for it.

And so here we are more mature and capable to offer you what is need of our time:

1. Agile-A-Thon: an 8 sprints (each of timebox 1 week) long Learning, Contesting and Winning Marathon for Agilists around the world, started from 1 June 2018, and will conclude on 26 July 2018.

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2. The Consultant: This pragmatic workshop focuses on 'Consulting' Part for all 'Agile Coaches'. How to face real work challenges like Leadership enrolment, Problem assessment, Solution Framework creation, Matrices, Budgeting, Roadmap creation. And this is needed by both - an Agile Coach who is a full time Employee to an Org, or an Independent Agile Consultant. It is planned for 3-4-5 Aug 2018, only 25 seats. So book your seat now!

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3.The Consultants Summit: Planned for 8 Sept 2018, a very special and first of it's kind 1 day Summit of present and future Agile Consultants (internal or external to any Organisation) from all over the India.

Intention is to understand challenges faced by consultants and to create an Eco-system of constant learning, support and growth. This is an opportunity for you to Publish your Case Study in Agile Alliance, and get Guidance on how to create an impactful and Global Research and Experience Report.

Write us if you are interested in joining us!

4. Women In Agile: Before we talk about it, I would encourage you to read our blog on how they came together in AgilityToday. With them we are planning a 1-day UnConf, focused on Challenges faced by Women in Tech and Agile, Right Job, Agile Coaching, Work-Life balance, Relationships and Leadership.

5. The Atlassians Unofficial: If you are an Atlassian and related CI/CD, DevOps and Agile tools expert, please be our trainer. We really need help from community here. Please be our Servant Leader and help us with 1 Day hands-on workshops. We would want to upload your videos so that all our users can get benefit!

Apply! Be our Atlassian Expert.

6. Be our Community Nurturer and Leader:It is a very special and honorary program, where we are calling out to Organisations to join us and do their bit of Community Nurturing and Leading, by Sponsoring, Partnering and Supporting us. Look at our Community Nurturer and Leaders from AgilityToday. Help us do the same service via our other initiates, just like did with AgilityToday.

Be our Community Nurturer and Leader