Well organized Agility Today UnConference, provided an opportunity to network with new and old experts in a welcoming atmosphere. For me, this UnConference generated a lot of ideas about how to continue to expand my skills and professional qualifications. I liked the opportunity for interaction during the sessions. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful UnConference. I am looking forward to next year's UnConference. Keep up the fine Job!!

Anu Goyal

Senior Application Developer,IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

AgilityToday, The Most memorable event blended with in-depth knowledge & experience sharing. Panel discussions and presentations were very engaging with topics relevant to Industry trends. Such events are imperative for the companies in the current VUCA World. Immense learning experience interacting with Gurus & eminent Speakers. Thanks to the Organizers of this event and Looking forward to the next one.

Sankaran Venkataramani

Executive Director; KPMG, India

AgilityToday had a unique friendly, in fact Agile vibe, that have not witnessed in conferences anywhere, forget Delhi NCR. Space was that of open collaboration, where learning flowed, back and forth. And just in case you think that sounds chaotic, it wasn't. It was the principle of self organizing teams, that Agilists as is champion, which was at play. So AgilityToday unconf, one really got into 'spirit of Agile', and Agility was palpable in way the Servant Leaders enabled the rooms, in way Gurus interacted.All in all, AgilityToday, got one really enthused about taking Agile to ones life, and not just Organisations that we lead.

Vibhas K. Dhingra

A great experience to see such high calibre and experience. India will be a Global lead in SAFe implementations as culturally the core values of Agile are the DNA of Indian society and the passion is evident. The conference was a great success with quality speakers and advocates with congratulations to the servant leaders in doing a fantastic job.

Bobby R Mehta

CEO & President - Unitive

This is the very first unconference I attended and it was absolutely amazing in terms of diversity of topics as well as opportunities to interact with Gurus and get valuable insights from them directly. Also, it helped me expand my network and broaden my Agile skills. Thanks to all organizers and servant leaders!

Irshad Nizami

Agile Coach, HCL Tech

Level and diversity of discussions and sessions were outstanding.Splendid event, both in terms of intellectual quality and social gratification.

Nivedita daga

Senior Software Engineer, IBM

Outstanding unconference.We were informed, empowered, and entertained.I higly recommend this to all. I'm so excited about the prospects of actually applying this in reality.A very good mixture of informative and relevant practical sessions.

Jyotsna Sharma

Application Developer, IBM

I sensed this all together different energy and positivity in the environment.It was a wondefull experience as a speaker and attendee.Apart from the gurus, speakers and servant leaders, the daily drummers rocked the show. Loved It

Jisha Sharma

I have been to various Conferences in India but I have never seen an UnConference here that went on for two days, there was only an Open Space that too was for 1 - 1.5 hours. This was a very well coordinated, innovative and executed UnConference, and I take immense pride in saying that I was Sponsor of this grand event. Thanks to all those who joined and were part of it. See you all next year.

Kapil Pant

Co-Founder and Director TecVolo Labs

#Agilitytoday ,as expected gave an opportunity to learn, network and build new connects with Agile community and I am very happy that I was able to make it to attend it for both the days. Thanks for all the relentless efforts put in by team #Agilitytoday to make it a grand success. I am now eager to be part of the post conference events.


Agile Coach, V.P, BoA

It was great! The best thing for us to choose our sessions and then attend them.

Aman Sharma

Product Evangelist, Optimizory Technologies Pvt. Ltd.