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Session Types and their timeboxes:

Type Description Timebox
Experience/Research Report A report prepared on the basis on multiple real-time experimentation and engagements 1 Hour (max)
Case Study Authentic Case Study on success or failure of any Agile methodology or framework implementation. 1 Hour (max)
Workshop Hands-on workshop where participants will perform and learn 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 Hours

Session Themes:

  1. Psyche: This theme embraces topics like Culture, Mindset, BusinessAgility, OrgAgility, Governance, Transformation strategy, Product Ownership, Servant Leadership, Story slicing and mapping, Empathy Mapping, De-Scaling, Throughput Accounting, Agility enabling Patterns, Kanban, Scrum, Under Experience, Design thinking etc.
  2. Geekery: This theme embraces topics like XP, TDD, BDD, Testing, Automation, Integration, CI/CD, DevOps, Agile Engineering practices etc.
  3. Each day will whole in itself, each day will allow Agilists from Psyche and Geekery interact each other and co-create a right movement.


  1. Session Proposals will be accepted till 15 Jan 2018.
  2. Voting for selection of Sessions and program preparation will start from 05 Jan and will end on 02 Feb 2018.
  3. Final Program Schedule will be frozen on 02 Feb.