Today, in Delhi-NCR, we all are aware of terms Agile, Scrum, Kanban and DevOps. Almost all IT and Software companies are trying to do Agile, in the quest of “Being Agile” in their own special ways (call it hybrid model or try to adapt Scrum, or just use a Kanban board). That said we all know we are massively confused and dissatisfied. World started talking about Agile in early 1990s and India started talking about it around 2007, mainly in Bangalore and some cities in South India where IT Hub started adapting Agile because their headquarters were promoting it. But Delhi stayed indifferent, doing Software Development Support. We could have been leaders of DevOps, but we chose to remain confined to our vision of ‘Cost Cutting/Cost Saving’ and continued with our old ways of doing IT (Dev & Ops) Support.

Thanks to our Start-ups who revolutionised and supported Software Development and Innovation culture in Delhi. They are our Thought leaders and they dared to change things a bit.

But are they Agile? That’s a BIG QUESTION MARK.

By 2011 - 2012 all major IT and Software Companies in Delhi were asked to start Agile Adoption as their Headquarters were asked by their clients to offer Agile IT & Ops Support. Now some took resort to SCRUM, others ran for DevOps. And failed miserably. Why? – Blame it to Mindset, Management, Leadership or Individuals who failed to learn new things.

In past 4 years Delhi has seen much of Agile revolution in terms of certifications only 😊

And we did that just to get job of Agile PM, .net ScrumMaster, Banking Domain Product Owner and so and so forth.

We, the AgileVirgin meetup group had been meeting and talking for past 3 years. We do our knowledge sharing sessions, and in doing so we share our Individual as well as Organisational impediments to Agility. Soon we began to realise that we need to work on our mindset, our skills as well as we need to collaborate with our leaders to help us in removing Org Impediments for Agility. That’s when we decided to do an UnConference, where we will learn and co-create with our Regional Industrial Leaders.

AgilityToday is for our Beginner's Mind to come alive again so that we can UnLearn our misconceptions about Agile, UnWind our minds so that we can be present and learn Agile in true sense, and UnLeash our true potential for Individual as well as Organisational Growth.

# Why UnConference?

When you google UnConference, the very first explanation that comes up is- “An unconference, also called an Open Space conference, is a “participant-driven meeting”. The term "unconference" has been applied, or self-applied, to a wide range of gatherings that try to avoid one or more aspects of a conventional conference, such as fees, sponsored presentations, and top-down organisation.”

With AgilityToday, the ultimate UnConference, we are trying to do the same. We want this UnConference to have a Participant driven Vision, Participant driven Program and even Participant driven engagement and enrolment. Here is how-

We do not have formal Conference setup like Chair, Program team and flow. Instead we have:

#1 Our Gurus who have been into Agile Software Development and Business Modelling for more than 15 (some even 20) years to guide us in creating this UnConference.

#2 Our Servant Leaders who selflessly contribute their time and efforts in setting up this UnConf with you, for you.

To create UnConference Program, we are using Voice of Customer, gathered for past 3 years via meetups, Conferences and other social platforms. You too can share your voice here.

#3 A crowd source Program Schedule and Organising. Which means a Program completely created, and then organised by you. Read further below to know how you can do it.

# Vision of this UnConference:

  1. To offer a platform where you can share the challenges of Agilists and IT/Software Professionals in Delhi-NCR, with Organisations and their Leadership.
  2. To offer a platform where you can understand challenges and impediments that Regional Leadership and Organizations are facing in embracing true Agility.
  3. To offer right understanding about Agile, it’s application and it’s proliferation by hands-on workshops and true case studies and experience reports.
  4. To offer a platform where you can discuss you questions and concerns with National and International Agile Visionaries and Leaders.
  5. To get best of the Agile knowledge from sources like trainings, seminars and webinars, which are extremely valuable yet cost effective. Many of them are FREE.

# Top 5 VoC:

  1. Missing mindset and culture that enables Individual, Org and Business Agility. What are ways of creating it.
  2. Missing right understanding about Agile. How to get that?
  3. Missing guidance on how to progress on career path.
  4. Agile movement was stared by developer, for developers, but over the time it lost it's focus on developers. How to get that back?
  5. Understanding about Agile Roles in Orgs, how current roles and new roles should align themselves to co-create Org-Agility and further leverage it to Business-Agility? What should be new roles? Who suits which role?

#Join us and design (y)our UnConference:

  1. Join the Servant Leaders on Slack channel where you can design UnConf Program.

  2. Propose a session:

    1. Type of Sessions and their timeboxes:

      • Experience/Research Report (Timebox = 1 Hour)
      • Case Study (Timebox = 1 Hour)
      • Workshop (Timebox = 1, 2 or 2.5 Hours)
      • Open Space (Focused only on designing a solution, Topic picked from VoC)
    2. Themes:

      Psyche: Theme embraces topics like Culture, Mindset, BusinessAgility, OrgAgility, Governance, Transformation strategy, Product Ownership, Servant Leadership, Story slicing and mapping, Empathy Mapping, De-Scaling, Throughput Accounting, Agility enabling Patterns, Kanban, Scrum etc.
      Geekery: Theme embraces topics like XP, TDD, BDD, Testing, Automation, Integration, CI/CD, DevOps, Agile Engineering practices etc.
  3. Propose a Session 'Topic' that you want to have in VoC sheet.

  4. Share your voice: Put your questions, doubts, challenges, impediments and feedback in Agile about job, leadership, management and certification bodies in VoC sheet.

  5. Vote to a right session: You can do that on the UnConference Website. Go to Proposed sessions, and vote those which you want to see in UnConference.

  6. Sponsor Us: If you too share our passion, and want to help Delhi's Agile community, then Sponsor us.

  7. Be our Partner: If you can’t offer monetary support, be our Partners, and help us with Knowledge, Media, Marketing, Sales or anything that you think can be a value add to this UnConference. If interested, write to us:

  8. Buy Tickets: Believe me, you don't want to miss this spectacular event. Book your seat here.

  9. Spread the word by sharing our blogs, posts and talk about it on your Social media channels, in your organisation, to your friends.

# Timeline:

  1. Session Proposals will be accepted till 12 Jan 2018.
  2. Voting for selection of Sessions and program preparation will start from 13 Jan and will end on 2 Feb 2018.
  3. Each day will whole in itself, each day will allow Agilists from Psyche and Geekery interact each other and co-create a right movement.

# (Y)our key takeaway from AgilityToday?

  1. 2 Days of self-exploratory journey where you will identify your blind spot, strengths and create your path for Personal Growth and Agility.
  2. Each day will be a unique combination of both the themes. An opportunity for immersive learning around need and use of agile, better engineering practices, kick start your new agile role and exploring new career opportunities.
  3. Action pack workshops with guaranteed learning, self-empowerment and transformation.
  4. Interaction and Coaching with our Gurus & Mentors. You can have answers to all your unanswered questions. We assure you the best mentoring and help on your professional agile journey.
  5. Interaction and Collaboration with Regional IT and Software Industry Leaders. Platform to share your concerns, views and feedback.
  6. Understanding about challenges that your Industrial leaders face.
  7. Free Agile induction workshops on topics like SCRUM, Kanban, SAFe, XSCALE, Product Management, Design Thinking. Certificate by AgileVirgin as registered body for agile.
  8. Free Technical workshops on best coding practices, Mobile apps, Azure, DevOps, XP, IPTV Apps, Big Data, TDD/BDD, ChatOps, Cyber Security.
  9. Pre and Post UnConf Certification Workshops in on 30- 50% discount price, as intention is Delhi-NCR’s growth.
  10. SEUs and PUDs: 20+, plus each paid or free Per and Post UnConf workshop offers PDUs and SEUs.
  11. Participation Certificate of AgilityToday.
  12. Heavy discounts (like never before) on Pre/Post UnConf workshops
  13. Post UnConference, a report will be shared across with various IT and Software Companies in Delhi-NCR region which will be based on VoC as well as Open Space and Open Houses that happened in two days.

# Journey so far:

  • VoC Collected (you can also provide your input)
  • Our Gurus and existing Servant Leaders in action. You can also join us.
  • Our Sponsors and Our Partners providing all the support needed.
  • Pre/Post UnConf Workshops, their uniqueness and special rates for UnConf participants. Check website for more.
  • Hackathon announced.
  • Free workshops announced.
  • Reach out to us for anything at

The Gurus

An "Unconference" tries to avoid one or more aspects of a conventional conference, and one such aspect is 'top-down organisation'. With AgilityToday, we have tried the same. We do not have formal Conference setup which requires a Program Chair. Instead we have our "Gurus" who are guiding us and enabling us in making our choices and decisions. We are grateful to them for giving their precious guidance and valuable time.

Agility Today is your "gateway to the world outside", where Agilists from different countries, companies and cultures are coming together to empower you with their success as well as failure stories, their lesson learnt and their secret sauce of successfully establishing Agility. Come to know about their courage, commitment and authenticity which led them through trying times, which many of you must be experiencing right now.