AgilityToday - Be the Part of Revolution, Be the Part of Shift, NCR Agile Conference

How our participants felt

How did we Un-Conferenced at AgilityToday?

What happened at AgilityToday? Was it really an UnConference? Did it fit it's VoC as it promised?

Let's Un-cover ;)

#1 Free Essential Workshops and Fun Contests to claim passes.

UnConferencing started with a lot of fun in the form of contests, Hackathon, meetups & workshops. They were absolutely free of cost, and led to UnConf passes discounts. Thanks too Atlassian and Microsoft for supporting us with Logistics. And immense thanks to our AgileVirgin Community worries who created special workshops for induction of Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Distributed Agile, SAFe and some great CI/CD tools. Thank you very much Sumit, Amita, Sonali, Sunil, Vaibhav, Namrata, Shuchi and Pritika.

#2 Free Essential Workshops and Fun Contests to claim passes.

Pre and Post UnConference works shops had all essential courses like CSM, CSPO, Kanban Essentials, PSM, PSPO, as well as Special courses like LeSS, SPC and Testing Automation, and then there are some very first time courses as well like XSCALE, Certified Distributed Agile. Thanks to our Sponsors and Knowledge & Logistic Partners Siraj Sirajuddin, Madhur Kathuria, Arshiya Sultana, Pritika Gulliani, Naveen Kumar Singh, Rajiv Kathuria, Ashish Mishra, Deepak and Prtiksha that we could make these available to our Partners.

#3. Open Houses, with special facilitation to ensure participation from all.

Keynote is a huge responsibility, and mostly badly executed. Mostly Conferences have them either to please Sponsors or just to meet the condition. At AgilityToday, we didn't have a keynote, and it was an intentional move, required to install confidence in every participant that they are nothing less, and embrace Agile values that we are all equal. So instead of keynote we had an Up-close and Open Conversation between Professionals and Leaders of IT/Software & Agile Industry. Purpose was not just to create a great conversation, but was of Co-creation of a culture by both the parties - Leaders and Executors, where you get your answers from Leaders like Rajendran Dhandapani (Zoho Corp), Vikram Kapoor (CEO Prowareness), Tarun Kohli (CEO Quovantis), Vishal Saha (CTO PeopleStrong), Ashish Mishra (Co-Founder Agile Testing Alliance), Siraj Sirajuddin (SPCT, Co-Founder Temenov+ Agility), Silvana Vasitova (Enterprise Agile Coach), Tathagat Verma (Country Head Chinasoft International), Madhur Kathuria (CST, CEO AgiVetta Consulting), Anand Murthy Raj (SPCT, Founder Agile Spirit), Ajay Kabra (Sr. Director Xebia) and they share their problems with you and seek your inputs to solve it. So, on both the days, AgilityToday had two OPEN HOUSES - 'Into your shoes' & 'Seek from Gurus'.

#4 Map Professionals with Opportunities, Growth and Gyaan they need.

For opportunities - Networking, Self-learning, finding out right course, direction and mentor, needed support and guidance, a platform to make yourself visible, and get yourself heard. With the cooperation of Agile and industrial Leaders, both the days allowed 1:1 between Professionals and Leaders, to discuss Career Opportunities and Profile improvement. All Participants booked a slot with their Leader of choice via Pingala's App MyRappo, and discussed about work related challenges, sought opportunities and also asked about what can be done to further upgrade themselves to fit future and changing job market needs. Leaders like Vikram Kapoor, Ankita Mathur, Namrata Datta and Siraj Sirajuddin openly announced opportunities.

#5 Only Speak from your Experience that we can use in real life.

There was a clear and loud message in VoC that only talk talk talk makes people sleep. So we crowd sourced only those proposals which met the criteria. Sessions were only Authentic Experience Reports, Case Studies and Hands on Workshop!

#6 Unwinding with Drumming and Painting

Yes this UnConference was very much fun and we Unwound with Drumming and Dancing on Day-1. Thanks to my friend Joy and his Delhi Drummers who created this magic for us. All 200 people dancing and playing same rhythm.Day-2 was even more special, thanks to Siraj Sirajuddin and Silvana Wasitova for creating a beautiful Open Space, an UnConferencing and Unwinding Space for us, a Temenos where everyone painted their Vision.

UnConf in a Nutshell:

India's first 2 days UnConf which wasn't a Coaching Camps or few hours Open Space.

Hosted ~250 Delegates during UnConf, and same number for it's Pre/Post UnConf workshops.

21 out of 58 Crowd sourced and selected workshops and authentic experience reports.

26 Speakers, 47 CXOs, 14 Agile Gurus, 58 Agile Coach / Consultants, 42% Women Participants.

Participants from 119 Companies, 7 Countries and 8 states of India.

7 Sponsors, 11 Partners, 2 Supporters

With AgilityToday, we have been able to hit a milestone for all our efforts that we have started as AgileVirgin Community, and we have hundreds of query on how more people can be part of this initiative from all over the India, and many leaders from all over the world offered genuine help for future initiatives. So, we decided to dare some more, and create self managing teams of Volunteers and fuel our other initiatives.

A Culture is not build over a weekend in an UnConference. It is built Daily by living it!

So stay tuned, we will share with you about our upcoming initiatives. Let's create a culture we need.